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Rapha Therapy consists of a multi-professional team of experts in the field of sexual abuse and therapy with children.

Our team consists of:

  • Social Workers
  • Play Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Medical Doctor
  • Christian Counsellors

Rapha Therapy offers the following services:

Socio-emotional Assessments

(Evaluating the child’s social-emotional functioning, see HERE for more info regarding what socio-emotional assessment is)

Forensic Assessments

(Assessing allegations of sexual abuse, see HERE for more info regarding what forensic assessment is)

Individual Play Therapy

(Bereavement counselling and Divorce Counselling)

Trauma Therapy

(Individual therapy for children who have been sexually, emotionally, physically abuses as well as hi-jacking, armed robbery, hospitalisation, etc.)

Attachment Therapy

(Facilitating the forming of secure attachment between primary caregivers and children, see HERE for more info regarding what attachment therapy is)

Parental Guidance Workshops

(Christian Bible-based parental guidance for parents with toddlers and primary school children)

Regression Therapy

(Identifying trauma in a earlier developmental phase of a child’s life and addressing the trauma and giving a new re-experience, see HERE for more info regarding what regression therapy is))

Variety of other therapeutic services

Rapha Training

Rapha Training offers specialized training to help professionals work with children. Although our training centre is located in the east of Pretoria, we offer courses throughout South Africa. Rapha Training aims to provide a unique training experience – groups are limited to 8 attendees per group, thereby ensuring individual attention. Not only do we provide course attendees with the knowledge and the latest overseas research on various topics, we also focus on ensuring that knowledge is integrated. Practical skills are acquired through various opportunities during the training, where new skills and techniques are practiced, under the supervision of the course facilitator.

Rapha Therapy Training offers the following courses:

  • General Child Assessment
  • Structured Play Therapy
  • Attachment and Attachment Therapy
  • Teenage Assessment and Counselling
  • Fundamental Information on Sexual Abuse
  • Comprehensive Training in Forensic Interviewing and Assessments


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